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Amalner, India situated on the Bori River bank is a city in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra state is a municipal corporation. Amalner is a Taluka in Jalgaon district.

Shri Mangal Dev Temple of Amalner is one of the most ancient, most rare and most ‘live’ (a temple where people experience fulfilment of wishes and desires) of temples in entire India. One can reach Amalner via Jalgaon or Dhulia.

  • By Bus : Distance in Km to reach at Temple
    Jalgaon To Mangal Graha Temple,Amalner : 55Km To 60 Km
    Dhule To Amalner: 35Km
    Pune TO Amalner : 100 Km
  • By Train : Schedule for Train Timetable
    Jalgaon To Mangal Graha Temple,Amalner :
    Dhule To Amalner:
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